Sunday, April 13, 2008

The South's Largest Flea Market

Yesterday we went to the South's largest flea market and I was amazed! There were 3 warehouses full of stuff -- perhaps the most amusing being the largest convention of AKC registered puppies for sale I've ever seen.  There were Yorkies and Snorkies and Yorkiepoos; Miniature rotweillers and rat terriers and teacup chihuahuas; even pomeranians and great danes and poodles. I have it bad for a Yorkie and stayed next to one for about ten minutes. He chewed on my knuckles and fingers and when I finally tore myself away -- he was $500 -- he stuck his arms through the gate and CRIED.  And the people around the cage turned to me and gave a collective AWWW. I felt like I was on some sort of sitcom.  But I had to say no.

The coolest thing we found was that Lane furniture store was selling remainders at the market -- brand new king-sized beds for 90% off.  So, I finally have a king-sized bed. I'll get a chance to sleep without a cat up my nose or an elbow in my ear. Thank goodness. And thank you to to the government, who bought it with the "incentive check" which I surely hope arrives next month.

The flea market also had an array of other interesting sites, too numerous to list in the entirety, but here's a sample: hairbows, Amish people, honeycomb honey with the honeycomb still in it, comic books, Jesus shirts, redneck bumper stickers, boxes of candybars, makeup, baby bags, groceries, roasted almonds, dirty children, dishwashing liquid, homemade soy candles, pet carriers, knives, and Cockatoos.  What a day.     

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