Saturday, July 5, 2008

So This One Time I Met a Blind Man

On my way to the Trader Joe's Grocery Store in Brookline, I came across a tall, rotund blind man with white eyes and fluttering eyelids walking into the middle of a very busy intersection.  As I had just seen him slam into a Walgreen's door three times, I was keenly aware that he didn't have this "no sight" business down pat quite yet.  Either he was suicidal, or he wasn't aware that the white walking stick that led him was smacking the tires of cars that were about squish him. So, I grabbed his arm and pulled him backwards onto the sidewalk.  

"Would you like help crossing the street?" I asked, thinking someone, maybe my mom or my Sunday School teacher, might be happy I offer. 

"Why yes," he said, and promptly grabbed me by the breast. "I would." 


Leigh Ann said...

What happened next??? You can't just leave us all in such suspense!

Kacy said...

The rest of the story wasn't nearly as interesting. He let go of my breast and grabbed my arm, but starting talking about the nature of what I was wearing, and the fabric, which made me equally uncomfortable. We crossed the street and he got on the train. I rolled my eyes at him, a gesture, I believe, that was lost!